Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy is the application of treatments and/or counseling in the prevention or correction of speech and language disorders.

Speech Therapy

Therapy Associates provides speech and language therapy for children of all ages in a positive and fun environment in order to optimize their communication abilities. Speech therapy is provided in an individual and/or group therapy session, which is determined by their communication needs.



The clarity with which a person speaks. Therapists will work on producing speech sounds that are difficult for some children to produce.


The quality of the voicing while a person speaks. Therapists will address how to use voice properly such as decreasing hypernasality, hyponasality and vocal abuse.

Receptive Language:

The understanding of speech sounds, sentences, grammatical structures, and implication of what someone says. Therapists will work with following directions, difficulty understanding spoken language and delayed vocabulary.

Expressive Language:

How an individual uses language, uses vocabulary, builds sentences, grammatical structures and expresses meaning. Therapists will target delayed vocabulary, syntax/grammar and other language disorders.

Pragmatic/Social Language:

How an individual uses the language they have socially in their relationships with their peers, family and acquaintances. Therapists will address using language appropriately in social contexts.


The smoothness, speed, and rhyme of speech. Therapists will target strategies to becoming a fluent speaker, along with suggestions in creating an environment within the home to overcome stuttering.

Augmentative/Alternative Communication:

AAC refers to any approach designed to support, enhance, or supplement the communication of individuals who are not independent verbal communicators in all situations. AAC modalities may include picture/symbol systems, electronic voice output devices, sign language, etc.


Our Speech Language Pathologists are trained in Beckman Oral Motor, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Strategies for Teaching based on Autism Research (STAR), and Kaufman Speech Praxis.

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